Welcome to the world of Autumn Gineen where the rules of fashion doesn't exist. I've always followed my own rules and you should too. Everyone should feel comfortable in whatever they choose to wear. I am proud to be apart of your fashionable style journey and hope that you share these beautiful pieces with others. Each piece is handcrafted personally, keeping in mind the perspective of the woman or man, upholding fresh new ideas in the fashion world.   As stated, no piece are like any other nor do I duplicate any of the garments designed. My jewelry collection is as extravagent as it gets. Bold, contemporary, unique statement pieces that will adorn your taste buds for sultry accessories.  Go check out the

Fab Lane


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Sewing Lessons

Interested in learning how to sew basic garments and a more advance style of sewing? Check the calendar to see when the next session will be. While you are there, check out the other class sessions. Learn More

 Utopian Beauties

Arm Candy


Autumn Gineen

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